4 Millennial Parenting Trends That Make Hipster Roll Their Eyes

Millennials and hipsters generally have a more progressive mindset, but when it comes to parenting practices, quite a bit has changed over the years. Listen to Frank Sinatra’s “I Use My Way,” and read on for some millennial parenting trends that hipster grandparents won’t.

  1. Peaceful parenting
    To be fair, hipsters are at the forefront of peaceful parenting as they step away from the cold, authoritarian practices of their parents. That said, for those of us who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s, some remnants of this controlling style still exist (see: Helicopter Parents or Yuppies’ obsession with grades and success, which was later renamed Tiger mother behavior). Plus, millennials are embracing positive, gentle parenting more than any previous generation—in part because the rise of the internet and social media has given them access to a wealth of parenting advice that encourages them to ask questions, explore feelings and avoid shame. Clearly, there’s a lot to like about this approach. But we don’t blame our parents for raising their eyebrows when they hear us ask our kids if they hit their little sister on the head with Hot Wheels because they’re feeling “frustrated.”
  2. The pressure to keep entertaining your child
    When Boer parents get home from get off work, they start crawling around on their hands and feet, pretending to be a kitten? Maybe not. Is this something millennials aspire to keep doing and feel guilty if they can’t? you are right. Millennial parents – especially fathers – are more concerned with spending QT with their children, compared to hipsters, and this is reflected in the number of active games they engage in. Again, this is a good thing (especially when it comes to dads). But there are also concerns that the stress of always “switching on” and dealing with our kids isn’t good for their own mental health, while baby boomers understand the value of the old-fashioned “go play, I can do my aerobics videos” .
  3. Screen Time Limits
    Remember when we said that millennials have access to more information than their hipster parents? Well, that includes all those studies suggesting that excessive screen time basically destroys your child. (So, while millennials may have fond memories of watching cartoons for three hours on a Saturday morning, as parents, they’re less likely to allow their kids the same amount of time in front of the TV. Also, it’s possible that A healthy generational shift as the introduction of smartphones and tablets means screens are no longer just in the living room – they are everywhere.
  4. Everything Insta-worthy
    Hey millennials – we love the look of the white tent next to the teak bunk beds. Those Hanna Andersson forest animal pajamas are so cute. Yes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a “millennial” who doesn’t have a photo on Instagram full of impossibly pure parenting aesthetics. Needless to say, social media isn’t a thing for hipster parents, so they’re dismissive of Marie Kondo’s toy storage and mid-century modern playroom set. (And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the aesthetic differences between hipsters and millennials). One thing in common, though, is that both generations agree that candle wax and nail polish should stay away from carpeted floors.