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Welcome to our blog, we have a team of professionals. Solving people’s life and shopping woes

We test and experience tens of thousands of products each year, picking out the good and the bad and sharing them to provide people with shortcuts in life and shopping. You can click and buy and we may get a commission in the process, but don’t worry, we don’t get a commission if you don’t like it or if you return it.

We test and share a wide range of products and are not limited to any one category. In washing machines, TVs, artificial Christmas trees, bath towels, non-stick pans, bar speakers, storage boxes, office chairs, headlamps, sewing machines, mattresses, wine glasses, air purifiers, space heaters, treadmills, iPhone cases, Wi-Fi routers, carry-on luggage, cloth masks and yes, wire cutters. You can pick your favourite product after a test of our products. We like to be your friends and we will use our favourite products ourselves and share them with you.

If you have any troubles in your life or shopping, you can choose to contact us. Trust us, we have a lot of smart and lovely people who can and will be happy to solve your problems!