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Acorns’ mission is to look after the financial best interests of emerging companies, starting with the empowering step of making small investments.

They come from a wide range of industries and are based in Irvine, California

Named to Forbes FinTech 50 in 2020
Initially an integrated application, for $1 per month Acorns transfers additional pennies from your debit and credit card purchases to an ETF in your portfolio. For $2 per month, Acorns adds an IRA. for $3 per month, adds an IRA, checking and debit card. new for 2020: save and invest directly from your paycheck.

Top Fintech Companies to Watch in 2020
Like a squirrel storing food for the winter, Acorns wants to help its users save money. acorns is a personal financial management service that focuses on low- and moderate-income households, not wealthy ones. In particular, it targets individuals who have never had the option to save or invest before and therefore do not know how to undertake these activities. It aims to      help its users by introducing principles of responsible money management; it provides valuable educational content related to investing, retirement and saving, to name just a few.

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