Frustrated by a slow computer? Here’s how to speed things up

Computers aren’t cheap, and it’s beyond fair to expect them to do what they’re supposed to do in a reasonable amount of time. However, if your computer is suddenly running at a slow speed, you will be wondering why your computer is slow.

To be clear, a slow computer is not normal. It’s usually a sign that something is wrong, whether it’s malware-related or just needs to be fetched from your hard drive, said Chuck Brooks, a technology and cybersecurity expert, president of Brooks International Consulting. something. Just know this. You are not alone in your struggle. More people are dealing with slow computers these days.

Internet services have seen a 40% to 100% increase since the start of the pandemic, while videoconferencing services have seen a 10-fold increase since pre-pandemic. All of this, plus checking online streaming services or doing online shopping on your computer after work, also makes your computer work especially hard.

Of course, your computer should be able to keep up with you, and there are a few things that can help you. For example, System Mechanic is a software package that improves computer performance by finding and troubleshooting many of the root causes of your computer’s failure — over 30,000. This award-winning software can also help clear a lot of junk from your computer, check for internet connection problems, and open up some storage space so your computer can run efficiently again.

For $4.99 a month, System Mechanic keeps an eye on what’s going on inside your PC to help it run more smoothly forward.

A slow computer is not something you need to live with. Here are some of the biggest reasons your computer is so slow, and how a system mechanic can help you.

5 Reasons Your Computer Is Slow
Brooks says there are a lot of different things that can ruin your computer’s speed. Here are some of the important reasons why.

Reason #1 for Your Slow Computer: You Have Malware

“In terms of ranking reasons, generally spyware or malware is the most common culprit for slow PCs,” Brooks said. If you’re not familiar with it, malware is any software designed to deliberately damage or gain unauthorized access to your computer. Malware is widespread and you can inadvertently infect it by surfing the web or downloading an app.

Regular cleaning is important to keep your computer free of bugs and running at top speed, Brooks said.

Reason #2 your computer is slow : You’re working from home

Your computer works hard to keep up with instant messaging, constant email and more. And that — plus your neighbors may be doing the same — can drag down your broadband connection. The end result: a slow computer.

While you can’t ask other people to cool their computer usage, you can use “system mechanics.” It has a feature that optimizes your internet connection and helps speed things up. Once you have it installed, restart your computer and connect to WiFi.

Reason #3 Your Computer Is Slow: You Have Too Many Downloads

Having an app on your computer can be convenient, but you can overuse it. “Overloading personal computing power with too many applications … slows down a computer,” Brooks said.

Of course, finding and deleting apps you no longer use is never a bad thing, but a “system mechanic” can help too. The software can help find cluttered applications and locate those that consume your computer’s resources. If you’re still using a particular app, that’s fine. If not, you can ditch it — unleashing more speed in the process.

Reason #4 your computer is slow: You’re doing a lot of video conferencing

Video conferencing is vital during the pandemic, and it can do everything from hosting a meeting to connecting with your friends. However, the software also consumes a lot of bandwidth from your internet. This isn’t a problem if you have a top-notch internet connection, but can be a huge problem if your internet connection is already slow, or tends to have bad days.

To fix this, you can disable the video feature and close other apps while in use. However, System Mechanic has a junk removal feature that automatically runs in the background, which can also help give you a boost.

Reason #5 your computer is slow : You haven’t cleared your cache in a long time

When you’re viewing things online, your computer is accumulating cookies to help websites remember who you are and track your activities. These small digital files embedded in your system can slow down the entire system.

“You might want to review your privacy settings to see who can send notifications and pop-ups that can be both distracting and slow down web searches,” Brooks said.