If you have a sweet tooth (or you know someone who does) then you’ve found the right place

A Quarter Of is an online sweets shop where you’ll find the widest selection of old-fashioned sweets – from milk chocolate-wrapped caramel to black licorice, chewy candies in jelly and fudge form to banana split toffee and Truffle wine. We have old candy store favorites like UFO, Peanut Crisp, and Spearmint Empire Mints, as well as 70s and 80s candies like jawbreaker chews, sugar cigarettes (now with the red tips removed and called candy bars !), gobstopper balls and candy necklaces.

If you have a sweet tooth (or you know someone else has a sweet tooth – gift boxes, vintage sweets hampers or sweet treats are birthday treats everyone will love), then you’ve come to the best place to buy British sweets online – we’re here Like your old-fashioned, nostalgic candy, old-fashioned candy store, you can still enjoy “Quarter Candy” – a modern Willy-Wonka online candy store

Whether you’re reliving your childhood by choosing your old-fashioned candy store favorites, or deciding to introduce old-fashioned candy to the younger generation, AQuarter Of is the best online candy store–our goal is to make you feel” It’s like the old-fashioned candy store in my neighborhood that I loved when I was a kid.” I created AQuarterOf.co.uk to be the best candy shop in my neighborhood when I was young – the only place you can buy British sweets online on a fun, nostalgic site…and Make them super fast!

From saucer candies, drum lollipops and bouncing candies to fennel balls, whim sticks and English bubble gum, every memory of your youthful British confectionery can be rediscovered here. When you order at AQuarterOf UK’s online confectionary store, your traditional sweets can be delivered directly to your door the next day, you can share with friends and family or keep it for yourself as a special treat – us Offers fast UK and global confectionery delivery.

While you may be past pocket-money age now, you’re never too old to enjoy the taste and feel of the candies from your childhood retro sweet shop; sweet or sour, chewy or crunchy Yes, they will be delivered to you, wrapped with love. You can even order candy online and enjoy the excitement of opening the content, as many of our weighed candies (a good thing these days is that because we sell in kilograms instead of pounds, when you order a “quarter” of candy “You almost get double the amount…a quarter of a pound of candy is never enough!) in our fabulous custom retro candy British style cartoon bags.

Remember wearing different types of 70s and 80s candy jewelry…watches and necklaces? And the popping candy exploding in your mouth? Heston Blumenthal now uses this in some of his recipes… can you believe it? Speaking of gourmet sweets…the old British sweets are back, and with revenge! This is the gourmet candy in the UK.

Fill your basket today with sweets from your favourite corner store, old-fashioned sweets like Haribo, Barratts and Maynards…and with some old-fashioned candy British classics you’ve never tried Treat yourself; as soon as you receive your treasure trove of sweets, you’ll be right back on the field playing football or making a nest in the woods.

In 2002, when AQuarterOf was born, there were hardly any candy stores that could arrange home delivery online to cure your craving for a bucket or bag of the best rhubarb or licorice candies… let alone 80 Candy classics from the 1980s like Jadobao Old Jamaican Chocolate Bars – the name always reminds me of a treasure island so while we won’t claim to be the oldest candy store in the world, when it comes to penny candy or pick online and mixes, we’re not far from the world’s oldest candy store in UK confectionery, or the UK’s oldest delivery of cheap candy boxes, specialising in picking and mixing online – all boxes brewed for you !

Everyone loves the commissary’s classic sweet treats (we refuse to call them candies!), whether it’s old-fashioned chocolate bars and a list of old-fashioned 1960s sweet treats – like Lion Dwarf Gems, Kop Kops, Lolipops or the aforementioned Bourneville Old Jamaica Favorites like Bar, all the way to today’s kids’ candy, pick a mix is ​​still as popular as ever, and pick n mix delivery means you can enjoy your favorite retro chocolate bar

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