I’m a beauty editor, and here are 5 products I keep in my carry-on bag

Do you have any companions who travel lightly? Whether it’s a two-day trip or a two-week vacation, everything I bring has to be in my carry-on luggage, no exceptions. That said, given my profession, I’ve definitely overpackaged beauty products more than once. (Like, really, girl, you’re going to be putting on five different shades of lipstick in one weekend? And multiple masks? Yes, that’s right). Thankfully, I’ve learned to strip things down so everything I bring is actually used and takes up minimal space in my suitcase. Without further ado, here are five beauty products I never lack on my travels as a beauty editor.

  1. Luming Pearl Eye Drops
    Dry cabin air + early flight time = bloodshot eyes. Fortunately, these eye drops clear everything right away without causing any stinging or burning. Plus, the name makes me smile because it sounds like a Harry Potter spell (and considering how magical it turned out, it probably was too).
  1. Nuo Xinku Recycled Travel Size Hand Sanitizer
    Since the pandemic, I’ve become a hand sanitizer connoisseur (well… snob). Of the many options I’ve tried, this credit card-sized spray from Noshinku is my favorite. The slim size makes it easy to fit into any purse or back pocket without adding bulk, and the sanitizer itself is made with 70% pharmaceutical grade ethanol and conditioning ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba and argan to prevent your Hands get dry. Also, the scent of lavender is welcome (especially if you find a seat next to the bathroom).
  1. Goop Goopgenes Hand Cream
    Speaking of dry hands, I would like to recommend you this luxurious hand cream that basically fits in my purse (and on the cup holders of my desk and car). The rich formula contains nourishing creams like bacuri, cupuaçu and shea to smooth out every rough patch or peeling cuticle, but somehow, it Never feels greasy on your skin.
  1. Tower28 Beach Please Lip + Cheek Cream Blush
    This multitasking cream is a rare 2-in-1 product that is part blush and lip tint. It has a dreamy texture that melts into your skin in just a few dabs, and it has an amazing amount of pigment. About this: The color is very strong at first, so start off with a light hand and mix before adding more.
  1. Klorane Nettle Dry Shampoo
    What makes your hair feel so greasy on a plane? I mean, I’m guessing it’s the circulating air and the headrest being pressed against the back of your head for hours… Anyway, whatever the reason, this travel dry shampoo has been used many times over the years Come in handy. This French drugstore brand has several different formulas (including tinted options for dark hair), but my favorite is this one with nettle because it really removes excess oil.