People are sharing those seemingly tiny habits that dramatically improved their home cooking skills

Maybe you’ve just learned how to cook, maybe you’re an experienced home cook. Whatever the case, there are always little habits you can adopt to improve your cooking skills. So Rdditor u/Rollotamassii asked: “What is it that you started doing a small thing that has a huge positive impact on your cooking? Here’s how people responded.

1.”Add finishing salt to desserts like cookies and brownies. It may seem counterintuitive, but a pinch of salt makes sweet baked goods tastier.”

Brownies with salt flakes

2.”Marinate my meat, and it’s not just chicken. Marinating lamb and beef makes these proteins extra tender and flavorful. You can even dry marinade with salt and keep it uncovered in the refrigerator overnight.”

Slicing a medium-rare fillet of beef

3.”Whenever I make chicken, I switch from breast to thigh. Not only is thigh meat more affordable, it also tastes better.


4.”Finish a sunny egg by steaming for a perfectly soft yolk. Just put the lid on the pot for a few seconds and you’re done.”

Two sunny-side-up eggs in a frying pan

5.”Shred your own chunks of cheese instead of buying the pre-grated version. The difference in taste is undeniable.”

The hand of a woman sprinkling shredded cheese on pasta with tomato sauce

6.”I’ve changed the way I cook with spices. First, I buy whole spices and grind them myself instead of buying pre-ground ones. Then, I roast them and/or in oil before grinding them Fry them and let their flavors bloom.”

Sprinkling ground paprika over sliced vegetables

7.”Note the recipes I make. I note the amount of ingredients I use, how many servings I make, and helpful tips on the cooking process. I also rate recipes so I know which ones to make again. You can improve them by changing a few variables each time, and when you do it again a month or a year later, you’ll know exactly how to do it.”

A woman cooking with a note pad on the countertop