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Make your busy life easier with a handy robot vacuum.

A busy work week doesn’t leave much time for those pesky chores around the house. Your list of things to do keeps piling up and never seems to get done. Cleaning isn’t your favorite activity, but it’s an important priority, so why not make it a little easier?

Now you can finally make that ever-growing list of chores a little shorter, thanks to this robot vacuum. The Shark ION robot vacuum automatically cleans your floors with its powerful suction, so you can focus on other things that need to be done.

Floors stay pristine with this robot vacuum

The ION robot vacuum uses a three-brush system to effectively remove dust and debris from floors. Side brushes collect dust from hard-to-reach places, especially edges and corners. The dirt is then pulled in by a channel brush and directed to a multi-faceted brush roller to collect large and small debris. Combined with powerful suction, the three-brush cleaning system keeps your carpets and floors in flawless condition.

This robot vacuum can be easily controlled from your phone or your home voice assistant.

Priced at $139.99 $229.99
The Shark ION robotic vacuum is designed to accept voice commands, or be controlled by a handy app. The Shark Cleaning app puts flexibility and control in your hands, so you can set a schedule or start a cleaning cycle no matter where you are. With Google Assistant or Alexa connected to your home, you can say a command and have the vacuum start working right away.

You don’t have to worry about this robot vacuum falling down stairs or destroying furniture. Advanced sensors on the bottom of the device make the Shark ION robot vacuum aware of ledges and stairs, so it can avoid these hazards. When it senses objects like furniture legs or a sofa, the vacuum will bypass them, safely cleaning without touching it.

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