Send flowers as a gift

At Bunches, we have a team of experienced buyers ready to buy the most beautiful flowers at the best prices.

By trusting our team to choose the best flowers for your budget, you can rest assured that every design is modern in gorgeous vibrant shades that reflect the changing seasons and are perfect for any occasion.

Our letterbox friendly options are delivered in fully recyclable packaging and are 100% plastic-free

Bunches has been aiming to spend at least 10% of its profits working with poor people in the UK or mainly in developing countries. As far as we’re concerned, that doesn’t mean signing a check and walking away. We are actively involved in determining how these funds are managed and provide other practical support.

We do everything under one roof, which means all of our staff are trained to Bunches’ high standards, from the production team responsible for packaging and quality checks, to the friendly customer support team who are there to answer you any problems. They are an integral part of the Bunches family!

Of course, we’re not perfect, and we know we’ll never be. It’s really important that we understand this because when we realize we’re not getting everything right, we can then look for ways to improve. we hope to get

Since our first online sale, we’ve built our own headquarters and expanded twice, and we’ve won many awards and been visited by royalty. We still love to do something a little different and all Bunches bouquets are designed and sent by our own passionate team. You can also call us to chat, or email, or use live chat if you prefer.

Today, Bunches is run by the next generation of the family (Dani took over in 2006 and her husband Dan in 2012). However, our values have not changed since then. We are still listening to the voices of our clients who entrust important occasions to us. We take this responsibility seriously.


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