Traveling? Make this portable clothing steamer your stowaway — it’s on sale for $26.

Your vacation is getting closer! Before you pack your bags, take a moment to imagine all the amazing things you’ll be doing and what you’ll need. Before you pack your bags, take a moment to imagine all the amazing things you’ll be doing and what you’ll need. For daytime adventures, special dinners and long-awaited reunions, you’ll want to look your best, so a few favorite outfits are a must. Cheers to getting dressed again!

But how do you avoid looking like you crawled out of a suitcase? (Trust us, that wrinkled look is hard to achieve.) It’s simple — grab a portable handheld steamer and refresh quickly. It’s the fashion traveler’s secret weapon.

Right now, there’s a great product on sale for just $26 (was $31): OGHom Handheld Garment Steamer

Priced at $26 $31

With a steam engine, travel is possible.
Shoppers got a little crazy about the steamer: “We threw the iron out this morning,” one said. It has over 24,000 perfect five-star ratings

It is popular for many reasons, including its uncomplicated nature, willingness to travel, and the fun factor. Yes, “fun” is a recurring descriptor in the comments. The heating plate is stainless steel for rust and oxidation resistance – it will last longer than the aluminum model. Plus, it has a handy long cord

Simple, fun ways to get rid of wrinkles
Just add water (please use distilled or purified water), and within two minutes, this 240ML steamer will start working, smoothing your clothes to perfection. The handheld design and extra-long 9-foot cord make it very easy to move around, so you can get things done quickly and easily, some even happily say.

“I love this steam engine,” said one five-star reviewer. “I used it on a garment that was incredibly wrinkled in every way and it totally changed it! It was so fast….it was so fast… .much more fun than ironing…you’ll love this size”.

said one superfan. “Why haven’t I used a mini steamer? I don’t think I’ll ever use an iron again. Fool. So easy to use and the steamer heats up so fast! The wrinkles on my work clothes were gone in minutes “.

suitable for travel
The petite size of this 1.3-pound wonder product makes it especially popular on the go! It’s like a mobile spa for clothes weary from travel. It’s like a mobile spa for a travel-weary attire.

The superfan continued. “It’s also so compact that I can travel with it in my carry-on luggage.”

Priced at $26 $31
Use for destination weddings and other occasions!
The OGHom Handheld Garment Steamer isn’t just for everyday clothing. The manufacturer recommends it for everything from wedding dresses to plush toys, and users are happy with the results.

It was “perfect for my wedding and honeymoon,” wrote one happy bride. She continued: “I bought this…not only to take care of all the wedding outfits (it was a destination wedding), but also to fit in our suitcases to take to Jamaica for our honeymoon…’s the perfect size – very compact and light. We use it on suits, pants, tank tops and bridesmaid dresses and it’s exactly what we wanted. Fast and efficient. All the clothes came out, So pretty. For my honeymoon, I didn’t have to worry about my clothes… being folded perfectly (I’m busy enough!)… In my hotel room, getting rid of wrinkles less than 5 minutes.”

This colorful pony can even freshen up the kids’ stuffed animals. As one happy shop owner reported. “Really light. Super convenient. Bought for my store to help with toys and clothing and works great! Heats up in minutes. Same goes for cooling.”

If you want wrinkle-free clothes at home and on the fly, this might be your $22 ticket. have a nice trip!

Priced at $26 $31