We tried out the SKIMS Fits Everybody collection for a week, and here are our real thoughts.

Regardless of your stance on the Kardashian family, I think we can all agree on one thing: Kim Kardashian’s concept of creating shapewear is probably the most sound business decision for the Kardashian Empire office. A woman with world-renowned curves and an astounding sense of style – her creations include body-hugging Balenciaga bodysuits, barely-there two-pieces and cutout dresses – when it comes to discreet and smooth underwear, presumably trustworthy person.

But just because Kimberly’s hourglass figure looks flawless under her clothes doesn’t automatically make SKIMS the official quick fix for everyone and every body. Sure, the brand is backed by A-list stars and even Olympians, but in a sea of ​​almost never-ending star development ventures, it’s almost too easy to be skeptical of a celebrity brand. But every Instagram ad and celebrity endorsement makes us wonder, “What’s so good about SKIMS?”

Since its launch, the brand has expanded beyond shapewear to lingerie, sleepwear and loungewear. When your team returns to the office after a COVID-19 meeting, you’ll need a range of comfortable underwear, especially after working from home in undershirts for more than two years.

So the folks at InStyle decided to put the supermodel’s popular SKIMS Fits Everybody line to the test to see if it really works for everyone. We tried everything from the collection, including Fits Everybody’s bandeau, crew neck bra, shorts, thongs, full panties and chunky panties. Read on for our editor’s take on the Kardashian-approved collection.

Fits Everybody triangle tube top

According to our team, the general consensus is that this dress is no ordinary tube top, nor is it any ordinary bra. ‘InStyle apprentice Julia Meehan said: ‘The bandeau is my favourite so far – I want to buy it in every colour.

Flimsy lace, stretched straps and uncomfortable underwear aside, this one, like many SKIMS products, is made with two layers of supportive stretch material. Ana Osorno, assistant social media editor at InStyle, says she usually ditches bras entirely, but after trying SKIMS’ bandeau, she started singing a different tune. “You can wear them all day and completely forget you’re still wearing a bra,” she said.

Beauty editor Erin Lucas says she actually prefers more support, so she doesn’t usually opt for a tube top — until now. “Despite my small breasts, I found that the straps and cups of the [regular bandeau] never provided adequate support. However, the triangle bandeau inexplicably enhanced my usual bra with a bottom line. This product is supportive , but comfortable.”

Fits Everybody Crew Neck Bra

This bra features a sports bra made of incredibly soft fabric that provides support without any discomfort. Photo associate editor Amanda Lauro said she wore it to her yoga practice before the morning shoot, but it was plenty for other activities as well. “I also think this product can be paired with any type of outfit during the day, and the straps are super comfortable!” If you’re looking for some padded push-ups, our senior fashion editor Samantha Sutton said:” I’m an A-cup, but surprisingly this product hugged me in all the right places and gave me some cleavage – just what I wanted in a simple, everyday bandeau.

Fits Everybody Boys Shorts

Before you make any rash judgments about the cut of these panties, it’s important to note that the soft, breathable fabric is perfect for sleeping. I put them on with an oversized vest and climbed onto the bed feeling supported but not oppressive.

“The bra has great stretch,” said Kelly Chiello, senior visual editor at InStyle. “I’m a medium size, but can easily wear a small one.

Fits Everybody Thong

It might be an exaggeration, but the Fits Everybody thong is truly life-changing. Just ask Senior Video Producer Justine Del Gaudio. “It’s the most comfortable thong I’ve tried without any dents, which is usually a big problem for me,” she said. “I ordered more and it has changed. I see the direction,” she said.

Social media assistant Ondine Jean-Baptiste agreed, and liked the variety of color options. “I was pleasantly surprised how well the shade of brown is in place in terms of ‘true nudes’,” she said.

For me, the high-waisted cut made me feel incredibly secure, they stayed where they were. And what about the fabric? It’s so soft you won’t believe it’s not buttery.

Fits Everybody Full Panties

While some of our teammates started out calling the cut “grandmother panties” (Kim K. loves granny panties too!), they ended up being one of the most popular products in our trials. “I wore this under a sheer skirt and it gave me the coolest look,” says Lauro. “I feel covered and lifted! I love this high-waisted silhouette. I love the high-waisted silhouette.”

News writer Averi Baudler agreed, adding that the high waist was “enough to provide mid-section coverage for my 5-foot-11 frame.”

Viewer retention content manager Meghan Moran even wears that pair of her pants in leggings to the gym. “I don’t even feel them there, they are so comfortable. They are also very breathable and light”.

Fits Everybody Cheeky Panties

To avoid any embarrassing VPL (visible panty line), many of us have turned to thong life, but Lucas is pushing back against that theory. “The mid-layer design is great to wear under high-waisted pants without leaving any noticeable VPL,” she said.

Orsono agrees, adding that all-day comfort is perfect for long-term weddings in warm climates. “The panties stay in place, have great coverage, are super soft, and are lightweight,” she said.